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About Boat N RV Condos

Enhanced Security
Oversize Doors
Safe Storage

Facility Security

At Boat N RV Condos Storage, we are extremely proud of the security enhancements that we offer our customers. You have made a sizable investment in your boat or recreational vehicle. We want to keep your investment safe and secure so your ownership experience is a pleasurable one.
Boat N RV Condos Storage is secured by a controlled entry gate and completely enclosed by security fencing. Scheduled access will be accompanied by a Boat N RV staff member.
Additional security includes video surveillance cameras and special lighting systems. We understand the value of your boat, classic car, or recreational vehicle and wish to keep it safe and secure. We offer you peace of mind, knowing that we take the security of your property very serious.
We proudly finance boats, RV's, storage units, warehousing, pools, and spas with help of our friends at Adirondack Trust Company.

Storage Lease Agreement

The Indoor Storage Advantage

Fact: You shrink wrap a Boat or RV and store outside - you ruin your investment

The elements destroy your paint, rubber, upholstery, tires and cause thousands in damage + depreciation

Eliminate the hazards and accelerated depreciation that occurs with outdoor storage, or the hassles of local zoning laws. Reduce the high costs of in-water storage. Store your boat or recreational vehicle at Boat N RV Condo's, where your vehicle will be dry, safe, and secure!
Boat N RV Condos offers totally enclosed individual storage units created with the needs of owners of large recreational vehicles, boats, and trailers in mind.